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AlwaysHD was built to provide professional Cinematographers and 3D Animators with a means to market their footage; actively seeking out camera operators, studios, and artists whose work will be of benefit to video producers around the world. By focusing exclusively on the sale of High Definition (and emerging 2K / 4K formats), AlwaysHD is quickly garnering the patronage of producers for whom SD is inadequate.

AlwaysHD was originally created as a digital asset management system for production companies that produce exclusively high definition programming. The concept was clear; build a process to edit, compress, tag, and file footage such that it could be found and downloaded instantly via the internet. Shooters needed to be able to submit footage while "in the field," editors needed to receive and process the footage "in house," and producers needed to see the footage wherever they may be. To top it off, this system would need to leverage technology is such a way that the process could be run quickly, efficiently, and redundantly. AlwaysHD was thus born. Soon after launch, cinematographers began to inquire about processing their HD libraries. Then, recognizing the potential that existed for both shooters and AlwaysHD alike, a marketing plan was created that would see the creation of a different kind of stock footage company, one that would work for the cinematographer as a resource, agent, and partner.

Since its launch, AlwaysHD has garnered the attention of numerous trade publications and industry web sites. Our clients include Discovery, BBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, numerous PBS producers, History Channel, National Geographic, Saatchi & Saatchi, EuroRSCG, Aegis Group, and Deutsch Inc. to name a few. AlwaysHD collects, edits, and stores the native footage onsite, making the process of order fulfillment as simple as moving a file.

AlwaysHD represents a revolution in the professional stock footage industry. It is a means by which cinematographers can receive revenue as generated by the sale of clips from their pre-existing body of work and buyers are assured quality footage. The company is built around the needs of the shooter in order to satiate the market's hunger for HD. In essence, AlwaysHD is a community marketplace focused on the creation and widespread distribution of High Definition footage. It is a place where cinematographers can broadcast and repurpose their body of work; producers can buy stock footage and be assured of its quality. AlwaysHD promotes the availability and implementation of HD into the video world.
About The Footage
Source (How we receive the footage)
All footage is shot in High Definition (no “uprezzing“). To assure that there is minimal compression loss and/or generational quality, the contributing cinematographers send footage to AlwaysHD in its "best format," meaning that it is received without any additional compression from that which was generated in-camera. The goal is to receive the highest quality footage possible so that we can pass that quality along to our buyers.

When you click on a clip to preview it, note that resolution is indicated in the clip preview window along with its acquisition codec, field rendering, and frame rate or field rate. Thus the information in that window might read DVCproHD 1080i60 (acquisition codec | resolution | field rendering | field rate). Collectively, we refer to this information as a clip's format.
Formats for Delivery by Download
Clips are manually set-up for download during normal business hours (7am to 5pm CST).
Default Delivery Format: All footage, by default is available for download as full resolution Apple Quicktime .MOV files in either the Photo-JPG codec (progressive) or Motion-JPEG codec (interlaced). The clips are delivered in the frame rate at which the footage was imported by the cinematographer. Thus, if footage was shot and captured as 1080i50PAL, then this is the format available by default to the buyer. In some circumstances, interlaced footage is delivered to AlwaysHD as progressive. We will only sell it if the de-interlacing has resulted in a master quality file, free of aliasing and artifact errors.
Format Changes and Specific Requests: If you need the clip(s) delivered at a frame rate different from its native (NTSC or PAL conversions) or some alternate codec and wrapper, such as Uncompressed, DNxHD, or ProRes 422. If needed, please contact us and we will gladly work with you. We can offer a multitude of "post" processes to meet your requirements.
Photo-JPG Codec (for progressive footage):
This is a 4:4:4 nearly lossless-quality codec. Even though there is a significant amount of compression, PhotoJPG delivers a High Definition offline quality. The main consideration in making PhotoJPG the default codec for delivering progressive footage is the fact that it is UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE ON ALL EDITING SYSTEMS.
Motion JPEG - B Codec (for interlaced footage):
This is a 4:2:2 codec that, much like Photo -JPG, delivers a near lossless-quality file. Motion JPEG maintains the integrity of interlaced fields, making it a great option for delivery. It too is UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE ON ALL EDITING SYSTEMS.
File Size and Download Time Approximations (we err on the side of overestimating file size and assume DSL / Cable Modem / T1 speed of 1 Mbs)
File size = 6MB per second of 30p footage. Download speed = 0.8 minutes to download 1 second
Motion JPEG
8MB per second of 60i footage. Download speed = 1.0 minutes to download 1 second of 24p footage
We are confident that you will be pleased with the quality of the footage. It is to the hard work of our talented contributing artists, our production cycle, and our core technologies that the product quality is attributed. As our customer, we want that our site be a valuable tool in your production workflow. If you have any concerns or comments, please email us at support@alwayshd.com
Clip Bins
Clip bins on AlwaysHD are your own personal storage area. If you see a clip you like and want to review later, simply click "Add to Bin" under the clip preview frame. This service is free to registered users and is secure to your username and password.

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